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Men's 18th Century Clothing

Men's 18th Century Clothing

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18th Century Men's historical clothing. Price does NOT include fabric. Fabrics I generally use are linen and wool. I mainly use linen for the breeches and vest. I use wool broadcloth for the coats but can use for vests as well. for the shirts I use a white light linen cotton blend but can use 100% linen as well. Vests and coats are fully lined with linen.

All vest and coat pockets are faux. The breeches do have pockets. Breeches are regular 18th century dropfront breeches.

Patterns show are just a few samples of what I have used. I have many other patterns as well and will find the one that suits you best for the outfit you are looking for. Shirt includes linen neckpiece, all 3 sets and 4 sets include linen neckpiece.


Cotton, cotton flannel, linen, wool

Care information

Handwash or spot clean with cold water. Hang to dry. Do not put in washer or dryer.

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